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Solar parking is highly versatile as an energy source solution and can be directly connected to most charging infrastructure, delivering truly sustainable electric mobility. As solar’s highest generation capacity occurs during traditional working hours, it is a particularly attractive option for charging facilities located in public and commercial buildings.

Because of the growth of electric mobility and the increasing need of solar parking, as a way to provide sustainable and green energy, Universal Kraft created Solar Parking, a company specialized in transforming conventional parking spaces into solar energy producing units. 

solar parking
solar parking

Solar Parking has different modular concepts that can be standardized in manufacturing, installation and technical specifications, striving to find the most price optimal solutions and customized to the client needs.

We are focused on energy efficiency that can lead to the parking’s owners profitability. We can provide multiple functionality, protecting the cars and customers from weather, additional led lighting options for safety as well as direct production of renewable energy for self-consumption and as a source for charging electric vehicles.

We have established a partnership with CHAEVI and other well known manufacturers for the supply of fast chargers at a competitive price point. Managing all stages of the process, from the design, permitting, implementation and maintenance.

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