A technologic alternative to energy storage

Universal Kraft is working together with CleanTech Geomechanics through compressed air storage technologies, in which a motor-compressor is used to pump air into a tank, which is then reversed when the energy is needed, turning the motor into a generator, and the compressor into a turbine.

CleanTech Geomechanics and Universal Kraft have been working together for a number of years, and now with a concept called Cased-Wellbore Compressed Air Storage (CWCAS) that could fill the gap in storage alternatives.

The CWCAS concept for renewable energy storage is an advanced, high-pressure, low-volume Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) process. The air is compressed with compressors powered by electricity (from the grid or off-grid systems) then stored in a high temperature, high-pressure cased-wellbore air storage solution which can be later expanded and generate electricity through a generator and delivered back to the grid. 

air storage solution
CleanTech Geomechanics

The potential of a air storage solution

Air Storage Solutions was created to develop projects that will combine renewable energy production, through wind or solar, with an energy storage system of compressed air. The energy potential for a single well configuration can be up to 10MWh. 

Typically, 1 MWh is equivalent to the amount of electricity used by 300 houses, during one hour. With several CWCAS wells in array, a cyclic CAES operation can be employed: compressed air is injected into some wells, while energy from compressed air is produced from others. An array of wells allows for large energy storage output, and cost savings.

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