Universal Kraft designed and engineered a 47MW floating solar project in Castelo de Bode, Portugal

Aiming at transitioning to a carbon-neutral economy, Portugal has committed to adopt strategies towards carbon neutrality based on renewable energy sources, with a focus on energy efficiency and energy consumer.

In order to significantly increase the production of electricity from renewable energy sources, focusing in particular on solar energy, and following the success achieved with previous solar auctions, the Government has decided to launch a new auction for the allocation of injection capacity to the electricity grid, aimed at floating photovoltaic power plants.

On November 26th was published on the Official Gazette, the new FS tender which set out the opening of the competitive procedure to allocate capacity reserve for the injection into the Public Electric Grid (RESP) of electricity produced from the conversion of solar energy by floating photovoltaic power plants to be installed in reservoirs.

With the necessary expertise to design any type of solar energy production solution and the will to integrate new power sources to the traditional market Universal Kraft has designed a Floating Solar project to be submitted under the first auction in Portugal for this category.

floating solar project

Project details

  • Number of panels and model: 86 528 – LONGI LR5-72HPH 540M 
  • Number of inverters and model: 208 – HUAWEI SUN2000-185KTL-H1
  • Installed DC capacity of: 46 725 kWp
  • Energy Produced Annually: 65 197 MWh
  • Co2 Emissions Saved: 25 751 tons/yr
  • Equivalent Trees Planted: 3 218 842/yr

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