A strategic location from both a logistic perspective and in its access to renewable power supply

Universal H2 and Universal Kraft signed a memorandum of understanding for the joint development of a green ammonia project in the north of Spain. The target of the partnership is to produce green ammonia for a wide variety of renewable energy products for transport and industry.

Pre-studies were conducted for the potential of green ammonia production based upon electrolysis using grid green power and in addition explore the use of several new and alternative technologies in green ammonia production.

Universal H2 has the capacities, locally & globally, technically and financially to carry out the project, with a vast experience in the full value chain from renewable power design & engineering, EPC, Hydrogen and its derivatives, to harbor management and logistics.

To build a realistic and achievable project plan, the first step aims to establish the initial 100 MW of full-scale green ammonia plant, to be further expanded. For the first project a power supply, up to 400 MW + 490 MW are expected to be obtained from the green PPA’s and will be the second stage of expansion. The project will then have its own solar and wind power sources to secure large scale supply and competitive pricing.

The following goals are set to be accomplished by 2025:

  • Initially, starting up with a 100 MW H2 – NH3 facility and gradually ramping it up to 1 GW Renewable Electrolyser  H2 + Air Separation Unit N2 + NH3 – Synthesiser Plant +  NH3 Cracker, and related storage infrastructure by 2030 (With further expansion possibilities beyond) ;
  • To increase accordingly the Storage capacity up to 300,000 cbm to serve imports into the EU, and proprietary production exports to the EU, but also further bunkering possibilities;
  • To serve as EU’s export hub to Northwest Europe and Baltic countries, but also other markets.

From power to green ammonia:

By combining their competencies in their respective fields, the parties have modelled a viable non-fossil ammonia value chain. As a part of the study, the partners will also be assessing potential locations for green ammonia production in other countries where the project can be replicated. Its location is strategic from both a logistic perspective, and in its access to renewable power supply.

The essential infrastructure is already in place. The project has access to land and industrial water supply for the electrolyser and ammonia reactors in the harbour, as well as large scale storage, jetty access and pipeline. There is also a 400 MW substation adjacent to the port with 240 MW potential for the project.  

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green ammonia
Illustration of the green ammonia facility in the Port.

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