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Universal Kraft has just signed around 110 ha of land for a new ground solar project in Västervik, Sweden!

Ground Solar Project with 35MW capacity.

Swedes use a lot of energy – yet, this country emissions are low. The key? Renewable energy. Aligned with Sweden goals to reduce it’s carbon footprint, Universal Kraft has started the development of Solar PV for the production of green energy.

This designed and engineered project will have:

  • Number of panels and model: 64 116 – LONGI LR5-72HBD 525-545M (Bifacial)
  • Number of inverters and model: 156 – HUAWEI SUN2000-185KTL-H1
  • Installed DC capacity of 34 623 kWp
  • Energy Produced Annually: 40 886 MWh
  • Co2 Emissions Saved: 793 tons/yr
  • Equivalent Trees Planted: 99 162/yr
ground solar

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