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Rooftop solar project, impressing design for a shopping center in Copenhagen with 1MW capacity.

Rooftop solar project in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Having started from the consumer side of energy, Universal Kraft understands the importance of energy efficiency from a financial point of view, but also the need to reduce the dependancy on the grid and find alternative solutions that allow self-consumption while contributing to the urge of decarbonization and green energy production. Having this in mind, Universal Kraft started working with rooftop solar project solutions for commercial and industrial facilities.

For example, this Nordic Shopping Mall Group intended to reduce its annual electricity bill using the available rooftop area for the production of clean energy. This rooftop solar project design was scaled up to 1MW of installed capacity. Universal Kraft designed project details can be seen below:

  • Installed AC Power: 1 192 kWp
  • Energy Produced (MWh): 1 035 MWh
  • Co2 Emissions Saved: 21 tons/yr
  • Equivalent Trees Planted: 2 624/yr
rooftop solar project


The Group is actively developing renewable energy projects since early 2000’s. With a long experience in design and engineering, as well as close work with leading global manufacturers and other equipment suppliers, the company provides stable and secure system solutions across several markets. With the strong belief that decentralized renewable energy will be the base of the future sustainability, Universal Kraft started early working towards local, small, but scalable, production of clean energy. For Off/Micro grids, with or without energy storage for a clean base power supply, up to large scale ground-based megaprojects. The green power produced is to be for local use by self-consumption, to grid injection, for Green Hydrogen or Ammonia, or even compressed air storage.

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