Universal Kraft has started a new project development in Portugal with 280 ha in Chamusca

The solar market project in Portugal is one of the key markets within the EU, where we have a long engineering presence. With a good solar radiation, the Portuguese goals for renewables are getting stronger and concrete throughout the time. Portugal has set a goal of between 8.1 GW and 9.9 GW in installed capacity by 2030 and Universal Kraft aims to develop this solar market in Portugal.

Portugal has the ambition to become “EU’s principal green hydrogen producer” as well and according to its NECP, Portugal is committed to “create a real market for renewable gasses”, to develop an industrial policy with the aim to “position Portugal as an important European player in the green hydrogen market” leveraging solar energy and the solar market in Portugal ”as a factor for competitiveness”. Still aligned to its NECP, Portugal expects by 2030 a final green hydrogen consumption of 65 ktoe (756 GWh) for the transport sector, representing about 7% of the renewable fuels for transport.

From solar power to hydrogen

Universal Kraft in partnership with UH2, has developed this solar market project for hydrogen production to be injected into the natural gas pipeline, supporting the solar market in Portugal as well as the hydrogen development in the country.

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By combining the long experience of Universal Kraft’s power development with the hydrogen competence of Universal H2, solar and hydrogen can model a viable non-fossil value chain. We intend to use the energy produced from this solar plant either to be injected into the grid as well as to produce green hydrogen to be blended into the natural gas pipelines, aligning its goals with the development of the hydrogen and solar market project in Portugal.

The solar park is estimated to have:

  • Installed AC Power: 171 119 kWp
  • Energy Produced (MWh): 318 019 MWh
  • CO2 Emissions Saved: 131 607 tons/year
  • Equivalent Trees Planted: 15 700 921 year

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