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Solar power for companies and industries is one of the most debated topics nowadays.

Organizations worldwide are demanding more energy for their productive activities. And we believe that clean power is the answer! Either to provide the necessary energy to the industry as to achieve the Paris Agreement goals. 


Until 2024, according to IEA, the renewable power capacity will expand by 50%. This 1200 GW increase can be compared to the total installed US power capacity today.

An solar energy itself will grow almost 60%.


Solar energy is an intelligent and sustainable solution for clean power generation. Which in practical terms consists of an on-grid system collecting UV rays through PV panels to be converted into electrical current. 

This entire energy generation process does not generate pollution being then a clean power system!


Many people still are a bit afraid to invest in solar energy because they imagine that the process is slow and bureaucratic. However, the installation is easier than we think!

The first step is to have a solar energy project –  that can be prepared by Universal Kraft – based on the consumption needs of the organization. After that, the complete installation of all panels and network adaptation might just take up to a couple of days.



Obtaining solar energy for companies and industries provides several benefits;

The most significant one is the reduction on electricity costs. In practice, it is possible to save almost the full electricity bill. 

In addition, the adoption of sustainable measures directly contributes to brand recognition and this allows the organization to stand out among other competitors.

With a low maintenance cost and the excellent durability of the PV panels, durability isn’t also an issue.

Last but not least, companies can stand out many government’s taxes or other incentives for the adoption of this clean power systems. 

There’s no reason to wait! Let’s start this change!

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