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The high potential of renewable energy solutions

Universal Kraft has been actively developing renewable energy solutions for over 20 years.

Universal Kraft has approached the market from a consumer point of view, from energy efficiency to the production side. Our solutions range from small hydro, wind, solar, waste-to-energy and water saving technologies to energy storage solutions, green hydrogen and green ammonia.

As a developer of large-scale, ground-based energy projects, our vision is to start with standardised, medium-sized and scalable production units to optimise grid constraints and energy output, also with a focus on off-grid communities.

From a dual Swedish/Iberian starting point, Universal Kraft currently operates in Canada, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Universal Kraft
Renewable Energy

Universal Kraft is active from the greenfield stage and creates revenue streams in three different parts of the development chain. Value creation increases with further involvement in the process, which also generates higher working capital requirements.

The natural milestones for sale/revenue of projects:

Our History

The starting point
From a Swedish starting point, Universal Kraft initially worked in energy efficiency for large real estate portfolios, from a consumer point of view.
Mini hydro development
We evolved to the first mini hydro development in the North of Sweden, for a small scale hydroelectic power production.
Wind operations
Expansion of wind energy projects, working greenfield and brownfield, to the operation & maintenance/asset management.
Solar projects
Investment in larger scale clean power production led to ground-mounted projects in Sweden, Portugal, Spain, UK, Malaysia, Canada, Brazil and Colombia.
Solar Parking product
Development of different modular Solar Parking concepts that can be standardized in manufacturing, installation and technical specifications.
Expansion to Iberia and America
Stronger presence in Portugal and Spain, as well as new renewable energy concepts for off grid systems in Central and South America.
Floating solar development
Expansion of the solar portfolio, with innovative floating solar solutions. The first projects were developed specially in Portugal.
Universal Kraft Nordic
Universal Kraft Nordic is formally founded in Sweden, with offices in Varberg, marking the start of the current organization.
Energy Air Storage
Spin-off company Energy Air Storage that develops alternative storage solutions for large-scale use in combination with solar and wind power.
Non-profit organization
Starting the non-profit organization Universal Collect with the project iCollect to assess the oceans' polution problem.
Universal Kraft Portugal
Official establishment of Universal Kraft Portugal with offices in Porto. It is now the main office for the engineering and operational team.
Circular off-grid developments
Island Power Solutions is created to build a more sustainable future and provide islands with price efficient, clean and reliable renewable energy.
Green hydrogen and ammonia
First projects using green hydrogen for energy storage and as a renewable energy carrier. Green ammonia was also introduced as a solution.
Establishment in Canada
Office opening in Calgary as a kick-off of large renewable energy projects in Canada for commercial hydrogen production from solar energy.
A new company for H2
British Hydrogen was created to explore a number of initiatives within the green hydrogen sector and derivatives in the United Kingdom.
Developments in South America
Focus on the expansion to South America, with the first developments of large scale solar projects in Brazil and Colombia.
Creation of UH2
Incorporation of UH2 for the development of large scale green hydrogen and ammonia applications for the industry and the maritime sector.

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