Innovative solar energy in all its forms

The future of energy independence has started

With a current focus on solar, our experience developing and constructing photovoltaic solar systems allows us to assess opportunities and make decisions quickly, providing cost effective solutions for both our own developments, as well as for our partnerships. 

The solar market grows globally, given its installation characteristics and potential return on investments. Today, it is an energy source more efficient and economic than other alternatives.

We combine different solar energy technologies, in a way to find the best solutions to each area, in land or on water. We develop installations for local energy production, minimizing grid constraints with decentralized solutions.

Ground-mounted solar plants are the most common kind of production. Universal Kraft has operations along the full value chain, taking projects to "ready to build”, which are delivered under framework agreements with IPPs and EPCs, as well as co-developments with funds to take projects through own construction and operation. As one of the biggest companies in Sweden for ground-mounted solar, with projects also in Canada and Portugal, our main goal is to gradually expand our portfolio in different markets, in different types of projects, combining a global overhead expertise with local presence.
Rooftop projects are PV installations that take advantage of technical areas that usual have no use. The energy produced can be used for self-consumption, guaranteeing a profitable return and saving energy costs. Today, rooftops are the most obvious installations, both from system optimization and from a financial feasibility point of view. At Universal Kraft, we offer multiple solar energy solutions for rooftops: industrial buildings, commercial infrastructures, schools, and many others. We have specialized in large scale commercial rooftops for multiple installations, both with conventional technology, to flexible or lightweight panels, when the roofs cannot carry much weight.
Solar parking is a strong complement for clean power local production, following the electric mobility growing market. Solar Parking is an example of a separate business that grew organically and spun off into a separate company within the Group. Specialist in creating solar parking lots, Solar Parking has developed sustainable, flexible and competitive solutions. The product can be adapted to small or largest areas, with a cost close to the ones of rooftop solutions, in different formats and materials.
More about Solar Parking
Solar installations in the water are an innovative solution, especially for countries with lack of land. Despite a higher product cost, partly being compensated by a lower installation cost, floating solar systems are more efficient due to the cooling effect in the water decreasing thermal losses, making this solution, production wise, more competitive than ground systems. Universal Kraft is a pioneer in floating solar, having now a solid expertise and a designed portfolio of more than 230 MW. Currently, we are developing projects in Europe and Asia.
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Why solar energy?

Solar energy is statistically reliable, effective, easy to install and with a decreasing price curve, becoming one of the cheapest and cleanest energy sources in the world.

Our PV installations are developed responsibly as possible, aiming to be integrated into the social and environmental surroundings. These installations guarantee a stable use of the location for over 25-35 years, and relatively easy to restore the lands to its original state after this period.

It is a form of installation with a limited environmental impact. Also, the materials used can be recovered, recycled and transformed into new solar panels or other products.

solar energy

Optimized solar energy solutions

Universal Kraft has developed innovative solar energy solutions and technologies.
Our approach to sustainability is known for its positive impact on the environment and our communities.

Leading the solar energy transition


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