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Hydrogen & Ammonia

The Role of RENEWABLES in a Carbon-Free Future

At Universal Kraft, we believe that electrification powered by renewable sources offers the simplest and most cost-effective route to decarbonization.

In this context, hydrogen will play a fundamental role as a complementary tool for sectors such as aviation, maritime transport and heavy industry, where electrification is not easy or economically sustainable.

Why green hydrogen?


As we now defiantly move away from fossil fuels, it is fundamental to recognize that those fuels provided two important functions, they were energy sources that could be distributed without for example grid restrictions, and provided unlimited energy storage. 

In the new era of renewables, Hydrogen (and Ammonia) contains the possibility to provide the same functionality on a large scale and on a green basis. Universal Kraft  optimizes the decarbonization potential of renewables for the generation of green hydrogen and ammonia.

Complementary to direct electrification, hydrogen gives the green industry a chance to  contribute beyond the grid, via the generation of green hydrogen as energy storage,  greening of gas through methanation of hydrogen and feedstock for high-temperature local industrial processes that are difficult to electrify.

The base idea is to keep harvesting the energy resource at a steady rate, regardless  of the demand. Usually, this is the most efficient operation. If the demand is less than full capacity, the excess is diverted into storage.

These green power alternatives are fundamental for a sustainable and complete clean energy transition. Universal Kraft has partners and alliances on every level of the value chain.

Green Hydrogen and ammonia
Green Hydrogen and ammonia

As a sample, our project in this Port is one of the most advanced for large scale green ammonia production. Its location is strategic from both a logistic perspective and in its access to renewable power supply.

The essential infrastructure is already in place. The project has access to land and industrial water supply for the electrolyser and ammonia reactors in the  harbour, as well as large scale storage, jetty access and pipeline. 

There is also a 400 MW substation adjacent to the port with 240 MW potential for the project. A green PPA initial offer is already in place (to be defined further). The project will be presented on a national level.

Although Hydrogen is the most abundant resource naturally occurring and has the highest energy density on a mass basis, on the other hand it requires massive volume to store small amounts. 

Also, as a gas, is flammable and needs to be stored both under pressure and in cryogenic conditions, accruing cost and safety concerns.

Ammonia, on the other hand, can have added values of globally mature transport and storage networks:

– Ammonia can be readily decomposed for clean hydrogen production. 

– Ammonia is a hydrogen carrier and is a more efficient way to transport H2 

–  Significantly easier to liquefy for storage and transportation (-33°C for NH3 while -254°C for liquid Hydrogen);   

– Several handling and cost-effective advantages

– Non-explosive and Non-gaseous

– Higher volumetric energy density 

Universal Kraft has been working on alternative and innovative energy storage solutions for a number of years.

Green Hydrogen and ammonia

Catalysing your Investment

In the quest to decarbonize the global economy, heavy industry and transport present significant challenges.

We believe that renewable hydrogen and ammonia are a promising source of clean fuel - and that it has the potential to play a vital role in the green transition.

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