The high potential of Wind Energy

Wind is an unlimited renewable source of clean energy with a vital role to play in the global shift to green energy production

One of Universal Krafts’ first renewable power sources was wind. Even if Solar is growing in importance and furthermore surelly dominating. We still believe that wind is a very important part in the process.

We have started working with wind in the early 2000’s.

Developing greenfield and brownfield wind energy operations throughout the globe.

As a result, we’ve seen that nowadays, combining wind with alternative power sources is the way to optimization.

For example in Sweden, the combination of wind energy with solar is especially interesting. Once the production profile is usually complementary, and this combination reduces the need for expensive storage in off grid solutions.

Moreover, wind is an intermittent energy source. It cannot be dispatched on demand. It gives variable power which is consistent from year to year but varies greatly over shorter time scales.

Therefore we believe that wind should be used together with other green power sources or storage, to provide a reliable supply when winds die down.

Universal Kraft optimizes the production with Hydrogen Storage solutions.
Hydrogen production facilities combine with existing wind energy farms in Sweden and Canada are currently being designed and engineered, for execution in the coming year. 
Although our main focus has been driven lately to solar development, today we are still involved in large scale wind development. In Europe, Taiwan and in the Caribbean.
Wind Energy

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