3 things you need to know about electric mobility

Electric mobility is the future – no, it is the present – when it comes to a greener energy and healthy environment. We selected 3 facts about electric mobility so you can move more sustainably. 

1. Electric cars are safe

electric mobility

One of the first myths that circulated regarding electric vehicles was that it wasn’t safe because it didn’t make any sound. However, despite making less noise than fuel cars, most EV’s are equipped with automatic beeps that alert both drivers and pedestrians when the car is approaching. Other than that, the sound of the tires rolling in the gravil is noise enough to make people know a car is approaching. Also, EV are built with the same quality and safe regulations as combustion cars. And no, there is no risk to use an electric car during rain or thunderstorms. 

2. Electric vehicles do not have less power

An electric vehicle can reach the same speed as a gas or diesel car. Even more, EV can speed up faster than most fuel cars. The driving experience is safe and pleasant. 

Regarding the charging, some users show some resistance as it may be not as fast as fueling at a gas station. However, electrical charging technology is improving fast and it is already possible to charge at a minimum of 10 minutes in some stations. 

electric vehicles

Useful tips:

It is ideal to never reach 0% battery. Is best to charge at 20% to avoid battery deterioration, especially lithium ion batteries.

If the vehicle will be stopped for a few weeks it is best to leave the capacity at 50%-60% 

3. Is electric mobility really environmentally friendly?

During its lifecycle an electric vehicle accounts for almost 3x less CO2 emissions than fossil fueled vehicles. On the other hand, in some locations, it is already possible to find 100% green electric charging stations.

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