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Solar energy has grown to be the core of our power production, especially ground solar. And the reasons are simple, ground solar is today statistically secure, increasingly effective, easy to install, non-permanent in its installation and with a falling price curve, besides being an almost limitless source around the globle.

Solar costs are also materially down: solar components and built-up costs have seen a significant reduction in the past decade.

By decoupling electricity generation and economic growth from environmental impacts,  solar energy is providing sustainable solutions in large-scale. Considering the greenhouse  gas (GHG) emissions generated throughout its life cycle, solar produces 96% less emissions  compared to coal and 93% less compared to gas.

The solar sector is also expected to experience exponential growth globally. The market forecasts renewable additions of 500GW installed capacity worldwide, which will require an investment running to €3-500bn/year.

Supported by the right policy framework and having in consideration the global funding being provided for achieving the targets towards 2050, solar energy will face massive implementations throughout the globe.

Today Universal Kraft is developing ground projects in Spain, Portugal, Canada, Brazil, Colômbia and even Sweden. 


ground solar

The picture above shows one of two photovoltaic plants in Spain. The operation combined contains, 39 222 solar modules and over 16 MW of installed capacity, connected to the grid, into a Endesa substation, in Spain.

Universal Kraft sourced the project and has acted as a M&A and Technical Advisory in this project.

Universal Kraft is also developing around 700 MW of ground solar in Portugal, for injection to the grid and hydrogen production, with the intent of reaching 1GW of ground solar capacity by 2030.

Today our ground solar portfolio ranges around 1 819.94 MW of designed and engineered projects across Sweden, Canada, Brazil and Colombia. 

Increase the flexibility of solar energy,

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