Sustainability Projects

Extended experience in engineering and design over 3.000 GW in range projects

Sustainability projects build-out of green energy

With an historical focus on design, engineering and advisory on sustainability projects, Universal Kraft specialized in the development of clean energy and in the decarbonization process, with decentralized solutions for sustainable power production and storage. Our projects range from green energy assets such as mini hydro, wind farms and solar power in most forms, in different parts of the world, under different work conditions, with several equipment providers and legislations with strict deadlines for connection and tariff.


Manageable Project Size​
Large projects development can be more lucrative but also more complex and risk taking. An aggregated project portfolio is less volatile and has a faster construction time, lower working capital requirements while generating as much as a mega project, with lower risk.
Supply Prices
The days of the feed-in-tariff are gone. Our approach is to sign a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a creditworthy buyer to ensure a fixed power price and thereby bankability or to maximize revenue and sell the power at spot price.
Flexibility in Offtake Strategy​
Long and secured relations with some of the world’s biggest tech-houses enabling us to source Tier 1 panels and hardware at the lowest rates available. Applying the same methodology to EPC and O&M guarantees the most cost-effective solutions.
Construction Financing​
In combination with our suppliers, we can provide construction financing, in some cases all the way to a sale of the operating sustainability project, if such a transaction is clearly visible.
Market for Ready-to-Build
A liquid market along the value chain decreases risk and enables optimization. For a liquid secondary market, individual sustainability projects can be sold in a value creating cash flow at a ready to build phase.

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