Universal Kraft and Universal H2 are jointly developing a solar to hydrogen project for injection into the natural gas pipeline in Portugal.

The site under development in Torres Vedras, Portugal, will have a solar park with an installed capacity of 10 MW and a hydrogen production with a capacity of 7 MW. The project will distribute the hydrogen via Galp, the national gas distribution company, blending it into the main gas transport pipeline.

The modern Portuguese pipeline network allows a hydrogen injection all the way up to 20%. The project’s land has the advantage of being located next to a natural gas substation. The development, with an area of 15.7 ha, is estimated to start operation in 2023 with a goal to produce 18,839 MWh of solar power and 280 tones of hydrogen, annually.

By combining the long experience of Universal Kraft’s power development with the hydrogen competence of Universal H2, solar to hydrogen can model a viable and commercial green value chain. Green hydrogen is currently considered one of the most important forms of renewable energy for a decarbonized future, and can serve as fuel for transportation, industry or domestic use.

solar to hydrogen
Plant design

The hydrogen production potential in Portugal

Iberian countries, Portugal and Spain, are expected to become a major hub in the future EU’s strategy for hydrogen decarbonization. According to the National Energy and Climate Plans, the Portuguese government is promoting an industrial policy focusing on hydrogen and renewable gases. Policies and measures are planned to coordinate and mobilize public and private investments in renewable hydrogen production, storage, transport and end-use projects.

This focus on hydrogen is based on the favorable conditions to deploy a green hydrogen market, given the possibility to significantly increase the production of renewable electricity, at low cost, while bringing the required flexibility to the electricity system. Hydrogen is a viable alternative to fossil fuels as that it can be produced through electrolysis with no carbon emissions. Using only clean energy and water, an electric current is used to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen.

solar to hydrogen
Original site


  • LOCATION: Vale de Cortiços, Torres Vedras – Portugal
  • SOLAR ENERGY PRODUCED: 18,839 MWh / Year
  • HYDROGEN ENERGY PRODUCED: 280 tones / Year
  • ESTIMATED USE: Connection to the grid
  • STATUS: In development

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