The small-scale circular project in COOP supermarket in Sweden will generate a smart indoor cooling system

Universal Kraft was chosen to develop and install a Solar Parking at the facilities of COOP Supermarket in Visby at Gotland, Sweden. The project aims to provide Coop with a Solar Parking unit with air power storage.

A pilot project in air energy storage

The objective of this pilot project is to develop a small and modular system for solar power generation to power electric EV chargers and part of this energy will be used for compressed air energy storage. The stored energy is to be used later during off production hours. In parallel, the goal is to take advantage of the compressed air generator’s cold air exhaust to be used for interior cooling of the COOP store.

supermarket in Sweden


  • LOCATION: COOP, Visby – Sweden
  • ENERGY PRODUCED: 32.27 MWH / Year
  • ESTIMATED USE: Self-consumption / Compressed air energy storage
  • STATUS: In development

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