This Solar Parking project was Universal Kraft’s first installation in Sweden

This Universal Kraft’s project was constructed in 2021 in Rabbalshede, Sweden, covering an area of around 675 m2 and corresponding to 54 parking bays. The used structures and its modular configuration facilitate easy, high-quality, fast installations, as it only took about two months to install and put the project into operation.

The plant consists of preliminary 330 solar panels with an estimated power of 370 Wp / panel, giving total power 122.1 kWp. Estimated annual maximum energy production is 108 423 kWh/year.

Solar Parking is a specialized leading solar carport company within the Universal Group. With a long experience in the renewable energy market, the Solar Parking team has developed this concept for a cost efficient, sustainable, flexible and competitive solution that can scale from 2-12 parking spaces base modules up to several thousands.

solar parking project


  • LOCATION: Rabbalshede, Sweden
  • ENERGY PRODUCED: 108 423 kWh / year
  • ESTIMATED USE: Self-consumption / Grid connection
  • STATUS: Operational

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