Sustainability: what to look for in 2024


The future of sustainability encompasses the ongoing shift towards a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible world. Sustainability has become a crucial paradigm for constructing a better future as countries struggle with urgent issues including resource depletion, social inequality, and climate change. It involves adopting practices and strategies that balance economic growth, environmental stewardship, and social well-being to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Here are the sustainability forecasts for 2024

An rise in renewable energy
  • Solar Power Surges: Solar energy will see unprecedented growth, with more efficient solar panels and innovative solar installations becoming mainstream. Solar power will become an even more accessible and affordable energy source for homes and businesses.
  • Wind Energy Innovation: Wind power will reach new heights with the development of larger and more efficient wind turbines. Offshore wind farms will proliferate, providing a substantial share of electricity generation in coastal regions.
  • Energy Storage Revolution: Energy storage solutions, such as advanced batteries, will become integral to the renewable energy landscape. These technologies will help overcome the intermittency of renewable sources, making clean energy available 24/7.
  • Green Hydrogen on the Rise: Green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy, will gain traction as a versatile and clean energy carrier. It will find applications in sectors like transportation, industry, and energy storage.
  • Decentralization of Energy: Distributed energy resources, like rooftop solar panels and home battery systems, will become more prevalent. This trend will empower individuals and communities to generate, store, and manage their energy, reducing reliance on centralized grids.
More jobs in sustainability

Companies, governments, and people as a whole are constantly rearranging their priorities, making investments in renewable energy, and implementing environmentally friendly behaviors.

The rise in sustainability jobs reflects our collective commitment to addressing environmental challenges and building a more sustainable and resilient future. It also presents significant opportunities for individuals seeking careers that align with their passion for the environment and sustainability.



Acceleration in corporate responsibility

The acceleration in Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Directive (CSRD) preparation efforts in 2024 indicates a growing commitment by businesses to integrate sustainability into their operations.

Sustainability will become a core element of business strategies, influencing decision-making processes, product development, and corporate culture and companies will engage with a broader range of stakeholders, comprehending the expectations and worries of stakeholders in sustainability, such as communities, workers, investors, and consumers.

More self-sufficient housing

More individuals and communities will seek to disconnect from traditional utility grids by generating their own electricity through solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable sources. Off-grid homes will become increasingly common. Energy Efficiency: Self-sufficient houses will prioritize energy efficiency with advanced insulation, smart energy management systems, and efficient appliances to reduce energy consumption and waste.

All things considered, 2024 will be a very important turning point in the development of self-sufficient housing.

Homeowners will take proactive measures to lower their carbon footprint and increase their energy independence, from using heat pumps and bioclimatic architecture to producing power using renewable energy sources.


Subsidized public transport

By 2024, the adoption of electric vehicles is expected to skyrocket. Governments, industries, and consumers will increasingly recognize the environmental and economic benefits of EVs, leading to a surge in production and charging infrastructure. Infrastructure and service upgrades for public transportation will receive top priority from governments. This could entail developing new networks, boosting the capacity and frequency of public transportation vehicles, and improving the general user experience.

Governments want to provide dependable, comfortable, and time-efficient alternatives to private vehicles by investing in modern, effective public transportation networks. This will encourage people to choose public transportation as their primary means of transportation.

It is anticipated that 2024 will see a sea change in how sustainable practices are incorporated into society and all business sectors.

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