Solar powered gadgets: an easier and cheaper tech lifestyle

More and more people are using gadgets everyday, becoming more dependent of these electronic devices and having them charged all the time.

It’s hard to imagine life without our laptops, smartphones, tablet computers and all of the other electronics that we use everyday, and to power them up, we may also find it hard to use less power. 

Discover some solar powered gadgets

Solar energy is big news at the moment so if you are looking for a tech accessory that is cutting edge in terms of technology but also keeps your environmental conscience clear, look to solar powered gadgets.

Phone and Gadget Chargers

solar powered gadgets

The most popular solar powered gadgets are chargers. Everyone has been in the situation where the phone battery has run out, It’s not always possible to plug the phone in and charge it up right away, but connect it to a fully charged up portable solar charger and you can start using it again right away.  

solar powered gadgets

Solar Keyboard

Many tablet users have a portable keyboard, but these either have an internal battery, or run off the tablet’s own battery and the two have to be connected with a cable. Solar keyboards communicate with your tablet by Bluetooth so there is no need for cables, and cost only fractionally more than standard keyboards on the market. 

Solar Lights

To have standard lights in the garden can be expensive, but solar lights solve this problem by absorbing light during the day, and using the energy to power little lights when it gets dark. They are not expensive and you can put them anywhere where you have sun during the day.

Solar Shower

A good example for solar shower is to be used when camping. No one likes to have a cold shower in the middle of the night. For less than a tenner, hardened camping enthusiasts can invest in a 20 liter solar shower. Simply fill the bag with water, leave it in the sunlight for between two to three hours to heat up, and then enjoy a warm shower.

solar powered gadgets

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