What if we use photovoltaics for electric vehicles on low-speed?

EV’s are the future of mobility and are in constant update. Photovoltaics for electric vehicles are under study.

According to a study from the Canadian startup Capsolar, solar modules can be adapted to any type of low-speed electric vehicles with no extra modification and custom work. The panels have an efficiency of 21.3% and rely on 24%-efficient solar cells provided by US manufacturer SunPower.

“The CAPSolar’s SM–550 solar module is capable of maximizing the capture of solar energy in a dynamic setting by reducing the impact of shading on its performance while being as robust and lightweight as possible when fitted on our structure which can fit any type of low-speed electric vehicle.”

Photovoltaics for electric vehicles: the module

photovoltaics for electric vehicles

The module has a size of 2,100 mm x 1,320 mm x 25 mm and weighs in at 30 kg. It has a power conversion efficiency of 21.3%, an open-circuit voltage of 108.0 V, a short-circuit current of 6.4 A, and a fill factor of 76%. It can be operated with a maximum temperature of 45 ºC while driving and 55 ºC when the vehicle is parked. 

The panel provides a 70% increased every day vitality output on the identical energy score as competitor merchandise. The corporate examined the module in Montreal, Quebec, on a consumer’s car and claims it achieved a 17% common vary extension per day, with a peak of 26% on sunnier days.

“We will then be able to feed this data to the charge controller we are designing and use artificial intelligence to optimize the operating parameters of the MPP–tracking algorithm,” concluded Benhamza, CapSolar‘s CEO.

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Featured image: CapSolar

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