How to install a home charging station for your electric car?

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular by the day, and for good reasons. They’re environmentally friendly, safe, easy to drive, and generally provide a better driving experience than their gas-powered counterparts.

With  the rise of Electric Cars, there has also been an increase in the installation of home charging stations – and there are certain requirements needed to have an EV charging station installed.

How to Prepare and Install Your Home Charging Station

  • Get in touch with a licensed electrician to perform an assessment of the area where you require your charger.
  • Determine your exact charging location. The best locations will have easy accessibility, good visibility, and be safe for you, the installers, and anyone else who might use or repair the charger.
  • Install an outdoor standard outlet near where you’ll park if one is not already available.
  • Select the charging station model that best fits your situation and needs.
home charging station

There are also other things to consider when choosing your EV home charging station model, such as the 3 levels you may choose:

Level 1 chargers typically come with the car, meaning they can be self-installed and plugged into standard 120-volt wall outlets, as long as an outlet is available near the area where you park.

These chargers offer 3-5 miles of range per hour of charging, fully charging the car within 15-30 hours.

Level 2 chargers are faster and more convenient, providing a full charge in 8-12 hours at 12-30 miles per hour of charging. They require a 208-volt or 240-volt outlet and should be installed professionally.

Level 3 chargers charge your car within 20-30 minutes, which is why they are perfect for public areas like parking lots.

home charging station

Also to have in mind is that the price depends upon the charger’s level. In spite of that, always keep in mind that an EV home charging station will ultimately save you money since it lasts a long time and eliminates the need to constantly buy gas.

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