Types Of Solar Generators You Need To Know

You have probably already heard about solar generators, those famous plates installed on the roofs, that together with other equipment capture and convert sunlight into electricity.

These types of solar generators are the new consumer dream worldwide, for those who want to take advantage of technology prices decrease and specific financing lines to install a system, that will enable the generation of energy credits and save up to 95% in electricity bill for more than 25 years, the validity of the plates.


According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) the growth in the world has been substantial but the target is even more ambitious. In 2017 the Solar PV Power generated 460 TWh, and it is set to reach the forecast of 1121 TWh in 2022, but the target is 1629 and 2732 TWh respectively in 2025 and 2030.

Solar photovoltaic power (PV) led the expansion in renewable power generation in 2017. China has been leading in implementation, but also in the production of solar PV, making the prices to decrease.

Actually, again according to IEA, we can also get a perspective of the countries that are most contributing for the success and growth of green and renewable energies.

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