How to use solar energy to improve your company

how to use solar energy

Photovoltaic systems are the way to take advantage of solar energy and bring 3 great returns to your home or business: reduction of up to 95% in the light bill for more than 25 years, protection against energy inflation, and property valuation. Let’s find out how to use solar energy to improve your company.

As many of us have observed, the cost of power increases globally every year. According to the Institute for Energy Research, the average price of electricity has increased by 67% comparing 2014 to 2000.

End consumers and companies are becoming tired of this escalated prices.However, nowadays we can generate own energy through solar panels that capture and convert sunlight into electricity.

Businesses and end users have come to love photovoltaic solar systems because they may save up to 95% on electricity bills in addition to providing other advantages. Get to know below how to use solar energy to reduce your electricity bill.


Discover how to use solar energy

Heliothermic Solar Energy

The primary distinction between this technology and photovoltaics is that heliothermic energy generation does not rely on light itself.

It operates in this way: big reflector mirrors are erected around a sizable central tower, absorbing and converting sunlight to a receiver placed in the tower. This limits its application in huge projects.

The heat received will be transferred to heat a reservoir filled with a special liquid which, when heated, will vaporize and power an electric turbine, generating energy.


Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Photovoltaic solar energy converts direct sunlight into electrical energy.

The French physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect in 1839 when he noticed that some materials, mostly metallic ones, released electrons from their surface when they came into contact with specific light intensities.

This electron emission is the basis for the operation of solar photovoltaic technology. A solar panel, or photovoltaic module, is composed of several photovoltaic cells made of semiconductor material, with Silicon being the most common of them.

This semiconductor, however, undergoes an artificial modification process, called doping, which creates two distinct layers: one negative and one positive, that is, one with excess electrons and another with the absence of them.

The two layers are then joined, with the negative being over and the positive underneath. When in contact with sunlight, the negative layer releases electrons that migrate to the positive layer through an external bond, forming an electric current.

The sum of the electric current of all the cells forms the total power that a solar plate can deliver, which varies between 275 to 335 Watts in the modules currently commercialized.

But to achieve this, you will need more equipment than the boards, which together form solar photovoltaic systems.

Photovoltaic Systems For Electrical Generation

A solar photovoltaic system uses sunshine, a clean and plentiful source of energy, to generate electricity, just like a conventional diesel generator does. If the generated electricity is not used, it should be drained or put into batteries.

With this concept in mind, the first thing you need to know is that there are two types of systems: On-grid and Off-Grid.


The two produce energy using the same solar plates; the only distinction is in how the energy that is produced but not used will be handled.

In grid-connected systems, the load is received at the street pole and flows to the distributor’s distribution line; in isolated systems, it is stored in a bank of batteries.

There are many advantages that it brings to you, the main ones being:

  1. Saving up to 95% on the light bill;
  2. Protection against energy inflation;
  3. Plates with a lifespan of more than 25 years and with an efficiency of at least 80% of generation;
  4. Valorization of the property;
  5. 100% silent generation.
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