Solar energy for companies: all questions answered


In the last decade, one of the most debated topics has been solar energy for companies. Around the world, there are an increasing number of fully operational firms that are concerned about their costs and investments and have been requiring more and more energy for their productive activities.

Between 2019 and 2024, the latest forecasts from the International Energy Agency, reveal that renewable power capacity is set to expand by 50%, led by Solar Energy. The 1200 GW increase is equivalent to the current installed power capacity in the United States. Solar Energy itself is expected to grow almost 60%.

That is why, the time is now, to have companies and big corporations investing more and more in innovative measures, that will led us to a better environment and business. There is a big aggregate potential of local production.


Get to know how solar energy for companies works

Besides solar energy for companies being an intelligent and sustainable solution for electricity generation. In practical terms, it consists of an on-grid system, which is capable of collecting ultraviolet rays through photovoltaic panels.

After being gathered, this energy is transformed into electrical current using specialized machinery like converters and generators. This entire energy producing process is pure and produces no pollutants. Additionally, because sunshine never runs out, it is a renewable supply.

How is the installation conducted?

Many managers may still be a bit afraid to invest in solar energy for companies because they imagine that the process is slow and bureaucratic. However, installation is easier than we think.

Establishing a solar energy project is the first stage. This document can be made by for example Universal Kraft based on your organization’s consumption practice, measuring which equipment and size are best for your company.

After that, it might just take a few days to finish installing all of the panels and adapting the network.


Benefits of a photovoltaic system for companies

Obtaining solar energy for companies provides a number of benefits. The primary one is the considerable decrease in energy costs. In practice, it is possible to save almost the full electricity bill.

In addition, the adoption of sustainable measures directly contributes to brand recognition, allowing the organization to stand out among its competitors.

Still, it is possible to mention the low maintenance cost and the excellent durability of the photovoltaic panels. With the right support, this material can generally endure up to 25 years.

Lastly, it is important to highlight the numerous tax breaks and other incentives offered by governments to businesses who purchase this kind of technology.


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