Here are 5 myths about solar panels, demystified

Solar panels, or PV panels, are a fast-growing source of clean, renewable energy for businesses and agricultural industries worldwide. Luckily, for homeowners seeking clean energy and big savings, this efficient power source is becoming increasingly popular for residential use. On the other hand, that popularity summons widespread misinformation and assumptions about solar technology.

1. Solar instalations are too expensive

The cost of PV panels and its installation is one of the top reasons why homeowners don’t consider installing them. Actually, if we look at figures from 2009 to 2015, investments in solar panels have generally been on the rise as they are becoming more affordable. Their average costs have fallen by about 30% percent. Globally, it is actually cheaper to produce electricity from solar energy than it is from coal.

Other news: In Portugal, solar panels’ VAT decreased to 6%

Photovoltaic panels can be an investment that will pay for itself over time. Between energy savings, tax credits, rebates and solar financing options, many homeowners find that going solar is much more affordable than previously thought.

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2. Solar panels are ugly

Disliking the appearance of the panels is also one of the main reasons domestic costumers avoid installing solar power solutions, right behind them being too expensive. Most solar panel systems are still quite bulky, but the aesthetics have come a long way since they were first developed in 1954, and there’s more hope on the horizon.

3. The panels don’t work without sun

Photovoltaic panels can use both direct and indirect sunlight to generate electrical power. This means they can still be productive even when there is cloud coverage. With that said, solar panels are most efficient and productive when they are soaking up direct sunlight on sunny days.

While panels still work even when the light is reflected or partially obstructed by clouds, their energy production capacity will be diminished. On average, solar panels will generate 10 to 25% of their normal power output on days with heavy cloud coverage.

night solar panels

4. Solar panels efficiency is questionable

Solar energy is much stronger than standard electricity. According to the US Department of Energy, just one and a half hours of sunshine could power the world for an entire year.

5. The panels are not environmental friendly

Solar panels are far greener than the alternative. Burning coal generates a footprint 18 times the size of solar, while natural gas creates an emissions footprint 13 times the size. Solar also produces zero emissions after production, which makes it an essential solution to slowing climate change. There’s also the issue of solar panel recycling, which hasn’t been quite nailed down yet.

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